The most burning questions are answered below.

This depends on you and your company. Your can write more about your projects in the project-discription. Best practice at the moment is to hold it completely via Home Office but we encourage you to enable visiting opportunities. We are working on a system to exchange dorm rooms for students.  

Generally no, the Academy’s focus lies within part-time internships. Please be flexible with the working hours. Surely there are Students willing to work full-time, when university allows it. 

Prior special internship experience is not a necessity, but of course always welcomed. You as a company should have specified the skills and profile you are looking for to tackle your challenge in your project discription.

Application start is on 07.August 2021. The duration of the program is max 12 weeks. It officially can begin on 01. September 2021 and can end on 01. December 2021

The program is completely voluntarily. However, payment details can be negotiated with you and your intern.

Currently we conduct this program only for students. So they have to be at least 18 years old and be enrolled at a university.

Basically, you just register, define your projects and create your Creative. After that, you can relax until the first applications slide into your DM’s.

When is that going to happen?
On 07.08.2021 we’ll open our portal and all students get access to the projects.
You’ll receive their applications via eMail together with all their documents and what specific project they applied for.

At that point, it’s up to you how you handle your applicants.

When you found your intern(s), please reach out to us so that we know.

Our main task is to mediate between students and companies. As soon as the selection has taken place, it is the company’s task to clarify the framework conditions and thus also the contractual aspects with the student.

Yes of course! You can accept as many applied students as you like. For more applicantions from students, we recommend a precise description of your projects and a particulary eye-catching Creative for the portal.

In order to get more attention from potential interns, it is worthwhile to get a bigger advertisement in our portal and to be mentioned separately as a supporter /partner.

In addition, partners receive a pre-selected selection of students according to their wishes and thus save them lot of time to look through all applicants themselves.

A company can currently submit up to three projects.

Absolutely! You are welcome to promote the START Academy in your network and in public. Please reach out for material like logos etc.
You can also become Supporter/ Partner for a small fee. Find our Packages under “Prizing”

Yes, but only until 30.07. Therefore please contact us, we change and update the content for you.

The Creative’s goal is to get the students attention. Clicking on it, we’ll redirect to your own landing page within the START Academy portal with more details and, of course, the projects descriptions.

Your company’s name, logo, colors, product
Impression of what you do
Who you are looking for
Size in Pixel: *300×240
HINT: Only one Creative for each Company!

IMPORTANT: The Creative, as well as the projects will only be viewable to our registered students, and only registered students.


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