Terms & Conditions

1. General

By accessing a website operated by START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. (including START Academy), a student-led club based in nuremberg, you declare that you have understood and accept the following terms and conditions. START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. exclusively signs contracts, which are subject to these General Terms and Conditions. Every contractual party is agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. reserves the right to amend and/or remove these terms and conditions as well as any other information or content of the website at any time, to any extent, and without prior notice.

2. Data Privacy Protection

2.1 The parties recognize that START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. is organizing global networking events, which live on the names of its participants. Appropriate to this fact, START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. is allowed to publish and further process retrievable public data as well as the data of every user provided within the context of a contract (or registration). The user agrees to receive both written and electronic newsletters and other information from START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V.. Cancellation of data usage is enabled through email notification (academy(at)start-nuernberg.de).

2.2 In order to access certain services provided by START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. (e.g. Workshops / internship matching during the START Academy) you may be required to upload your CV to the online platform. By uploading your CV, you agree that START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. may share your CV with its partners.

3. Events organized by START Erlangen-Nürnberg and/or its affiliated entities

3.1 As part of the START Academy, START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. is solely responsible for arranging internships between companies and students. As a student or a company, you are responsible fpr carrying out and completing the internship.

3.2 START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. does not guarantee successful placement through registration and application.

4. Liability

4.1 START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. will not be liable for any loss injury or damage to any person or property howsoever caused during events. START Erlange-Nürnberg e.V. will not be responsible for any objects that are lost or stolen. Each participant must make provision for his or her own insurance.

4.2 START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. reserves the right to refuse admission to any event or conference for any behavior, which it deems unacceptable, or for breach of the terms and conditions.

4.3 START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. guarantees to provide the online platform in a professional manner. Failures in the provision or an interruption of the platform shall not result in  any claim of the participant, unless START Erlange-Nürnberg e.V. has caused the defect in the provision through gross negligence or intentionally.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Should one or more provisions of these terms and conditions be deemed invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions hereof.

5.2 These terms and conditions and all contractual relationships with START Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V. shall be governed exclusively by German law unless otherwise contracted. The jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this contract is Nuermberg, Germany. Contract language is English or German.

5.3 We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice to the User. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our Service and this Site following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms.

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