The most burning questions are answered below.

This depends on the company. Your can read more about their projects in their project-discription. Best practice at the moment is to hold it completely via Home Office but we encourage you to enable visiting opportunities. We are working on a system to exchange dorm rooms for students.  

That can depend on the company but the most internships will be in English. So please be ready to speak and work in English!

Generally no, planned are mainly part-time internships. For more details about the projects, please read the project-discription. 

Prior startup-world experience is not a necessity, but of course always welcomed. The companies have specified the skills and profile they are looking for to tackle their challenge in their project discription.

Application start is on 07.August 2021. The duration of the program is max 12 weeks. It officially can begin on 01. September 2021 and can end on 01. December 2021

The program is completely voluntarily. However, payment details can be negotiated with the partnering company.

Currently we conduct this program only for students. So you must be at least 18 years old and be enrolled at a university.

No, ist enough to be enrolled at a university.

This you will have to discuss with your company, although as a rule every intern gets a confirmation for her/his internship if she/he wants it. START Nuremberg will provide you with an Academy participation certificate as well. 

Please consult with your University. As stated above, START Nuremberg will provide a certificate which will include the total amount of working hours. 

The companies are going to select you for their projects if they think your the right one for the challenge. You can apply for any number of projects. There will probably be more than one 🙂

Please visit after your registration our Portal-Opening site for more information. In general your only have to prepare your application documents and brainstorm what kind of internship you would like to have.

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