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Applying Deadline 31.12.2022

Look at the projects!

Think about which category of projects you are most interested in. Below you can see the classification of projects in different areas. Just click through the creatives below and explore our world of internships...

Choose your internships!

Choose the companies you would like to get involved in and the projects that sound exciting and interesting to you. If you remember the companies and projects then you can apply directly to several projects with one application form.

And finally apply!

To apply, simply click on an "Apply now" button, enter your details and upload a CV to the application form. Then select the companies and projects you would like to apply for. You can write an individual text for each selected company and attach a document if you want to submit something specifically for that company.

Every project has one of 4 profiles:

This should make it easier for you to find suitable projects. Of course you aren’t forced to stick with one, its just for your orientation.

Communications (social media, marketing)


Business Development (analytics, finance, operations etc.)


Engineer (software, hardware)


Design (prototyping, webdesign)

  • All
  • Engineer (software, hardware)
  • Business Development (analytics, finance, operations etc.)
  • Design (prototyping, webdesign)
  • Communications (social media, marketing)

In addition, you can exchange ideas and connect with other registered students via the following Facebook group:

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